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Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCI 2015 –

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The Revo open cone Air Intake System for the Ford Ranger improves performance and removes restrictions found in the OEM system. Ensuring your engine can get access to enough air is paramount when increasing power; more air means more power throughout the rev-range.Only Revo Air Intake Systems are specifically designed to work in harmony with your vehicle and Revo Software. Engineered to directly replace the stock plastic intake pipe and filter. This kit comes complete with a silicone hose, air filter and fitting kit.


  • Increased Performance
  • Improved Air Flow Efficiency
  • Three Stage Foam Filter with Mesh
  • Stepped Silicone Hose


When you begin to enhance performance, the restrictive OEM intake struggles to flow enough air, robbing the engine of power. The Revo Air Intake System removes these restrictive elements promoting smoother airflow. OEM+ systems utilise the stock airbox but remove other restrictive parts to enhance airflow to the turbo. Revo Flush Fit silicone hoses mean joins eliminate unwanted turbulence and increase the rate at which air can flow, ensuring maximum performance at any level of tuning.


The Revo intake hose is designed to directly replace the plastic corrugated parts. The 4ply silicone intake hose reduces turbulence and internal restrictions. The smooth internal bore results in no loss of cross-sectional area and allow increased airspeed through the intake.


An intake system is only as good as the filter. This kit comes complete with a custom Revo foam filter, supported by galvanised epoxy-coated mesh for strength under load. Revo three-stage foam filters work very differently to conventional paper or cotton-gauze alternatives designed to trap particles on the outer layer. Revo filters trap debris and particles within the foam layers, allowing air to still navigate through. The filter is also reusable.


The Revo hose also keeps the OE PCV take-off location and is supplied with a CNC machined 6061 adaptor which offers greater durability than the stock plastic take-off. The hose clamps supplied with this kit are made of stainless steel. This means they not only have high tensile strength but also will not corrode over time causing a failure.



All Revo products are designed in-house and are rigorously tested utilising an in-house 3D printer, latest CAD and CFD programs, hub dyno and Revo data acquisition software. The Revo intake allows the turbo to run more efficiently, intake a larger volume of air and minimise turbulence to increase airflow, as highlighted during controlled testing.



To show the efficiency of the Revo Intake, airflow was measured using our own Ford data logging software. Logging a 3rd and 4th gear pull through the rev range you see the improvements of the Revo Intake compared to stock. The Revo intake manages to hold consistent airflow through the gear change and gives a maximum airflow gain of 16% with an average of 5% throughout the runs.

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