ITG Rensekit til filtre

350,00 kr.

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Revo Panelfiltre og åbne filtre



ITG Rensekit bestående af 500 Ml. Rens og 400 Ml. JDR-1 filterolie


Step 1: Removing the oil

The basic goal for this step is to firstly break down the sticky dust retention oil on the filter and remove any other debris using a cleaning agent. After a few minutes you should wash the cleaning product from the filter using warm water. You should run warm water through the side of the filter too if possible to help remove any remaining dust.

Step 2: Drying the filter

After the Pro-Panel filter has been cleaned, leave it to dry in a warm, dry place until fully dry. Don’t try to speed this up with an air gun or heat gun as you will likely damage the foam.

Step 3: Re-oiling the filter

When fully dry, re-oil following the instructions. It must be a specific foam air filter oil. There is a common misconception that oil can contaminate the MAF unit (mass air flow meter). Foam filter oils are designed to be too viscous to become airborne and will not cause issue if re-applied correctly.